Spend Humane

Join the fight to stop human trafficking, you have the power to spend humane! 

Human Trafficking Research

We can disrupt the demand for human trafficking by taking back our power through what we choose to consume

Ethical Shopping

Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery—a multi-billion dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to 40 million people around the world. 

Humane Boutiques

 25% are children, 75% are women and girls, and only 1% will ever see the light of day again 

Stop Sexual Violence


My name is Elisa. My personal experience with homelessness inspired me to fight human trafficking. As I became more involved in the field, I came to a scary realization that my own consumption behavior was a part of the problem and so my journey to spend humanely began. I hope you'll join me in giving all humans a voice through how you spend your hard earned dollars! Thank you